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Nov. 29th, 2011


(no subject)

The last time I posted here was probably years ago !
I'm really not good at writing blogs ^^;
I'll try to update this LJ !

Sep. 8th, 2010


It's been a while~

I totally neglected my LJ for more than a year, shame on me !

Now that i have more free time, I'm sure I'll post more

Here are some pictures of the latest dresses i did


I'll post again soon~
Don't hesitate to tell me what u think about it ^.~

Jul. 19th, 2009


Mangas again and again !!!

One of my other interest apart from sewing is reading mangas
Ohhhh i looove mangas
But not all the types of mangas
I'm not really into yaoi, shonen-ai, shoujo-ai, loli mangas and such
Let's say i really like something which is worth wasting my time ^^;
In another way I'm rather fond of things that u cannot experience in real life
So, i like ready mecha, action mangas and such

One of the manga i did enjoyed and stiil like is Basilisk
It has a lot of bloody scenes but it was really worth reading it !

Here's a link if u want some more informations concerning this manga

If u like another manga which is really full of action, u can also read Shin Agyo Onshi
I said manga but it's a manwha so go take a look at it and u'll see how beautifuly the charas are drawn !!!
Here's also a link :

I guess that's all for today~

Jul. 16th, 2009


Just showing few things i did

In this post i'll show u some headdress i did

Here, this one is the only one that i made only in white

Now i'll show u the one i made in the gothic lolita style -that's why i  used white and black-

This one's not really finished as u can see it . I need to add a black lace in oder to be able
to tie it around the face ^^

Here's also another accessory i did
This time, it's not a headdress but a necklace

That's all for now~

Jul. 12th, 2009


Hi there !!!!

Well this is my first post so i'll simply introduce myself and talk about this and that ^____^

Age : 19
Country : france
Interests : mangas, animes, video games (looooves tactical rps !!), sewing, cooking sweets
Job : still studying (pharmacy)

I only wrote what came at my mind, if u want some more info feel free to ask !

I decided to make my blog in english even if it isn't my mother language.
I just felt like doing it in english rather than in french, now u know~

So here, i'll try not to talk too much about my life but rather about things that i consider as important

I'll show u pics of the things i sewed because yeah i loooove sewing !!
I sew dresses, headddress, skirts and such. I'm not really into pants and clothes for guys. Gomen guys~
I try to focus on the lolita style. By lolita I mean all the tendencies which are for exemple gothic lolita, classic lolita, sweet lolita and such
I also make some cosplay costume when i have the time

I'll also talk about some mangas, probably video games that i'm playing at the moment, songs that i like or such

I guess that's all for the introduction

C yaaaaaaa~